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Access stress-reducing practices and team-building exercises for your next Human Resources session or Professional Development workshop with Elaine Smookler, RP.


what is mindfulness?

Mindfulness has become a buzzword that shows up in sitcoms, medical journals, and magazine covers...but what is it?

Mindfulness is a way to bring greater wakefulness and attention to the ordinary and extraordinary details of daily life. It is increasingly utilized by employers and employees on the job and in their daily life to build resilience and improve attention,focus, performance as well as a sense of well-being. Many top employers now incorporate mindfulness practices into the workplace as a way to alleviate stress and grow productivity, as well as to attract top talent looking for careers with a good work-life balance.

Stress in the workplace is often debilitating. But we can enhance resilience when we recognize our reactions and gain awareness around the events and interactions that are activating us. Understanding and recognizing "trigger-moments" help us to create choice about how to proceed. These fun, focused, interactive sessions help employees take ownership of their stress and manage it with greater ease.


Adopted by such large firms as Google, Intel, Aetna, General Mills and Goldman Sachs and for resilience-training in the American army, more and diverse organizations are adopting Mindfulness as standard training. Research shows MBCT (Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy) helps with anxiety, depression, relapse prevention, eating, pain management and more.

now you have choice



Creating a Mindfulness Toolkit

In the full day program, participants will learn basic mindfulness tools and some of the neuroscience behind them. On-the-spot tools such as the 3-minute breathing space and the S.T.O.P. practice will be introduced for use at work, in the car, or at home with the kids. Participants will also learn longer practices to promote sustainable and meaningful change.



Planting Mindful Seeds

This short-course is an introduction to the principles of mindfulness and ideal for new learners who may not be ready for a longer program. This lively, interactive workshop offers some small practices that participants can begin to use right away, some background on the research behind mindfulness and the chance for personal exploration as they discover how mindfulness might be easily included into a daily routine.



Mindful Communication Skills

This fun, hands-on program offers simple and concrete skills to improve the experience of going to work. Participants will focus on active listening, collaboration, valuing diversity and communicating with impact as a way to help strengthen employee engagement. They will also be introduced to mindful conflict resolution skills for creating a successful work environment.


Practice SUPPORT

For Continued Growth and Development

Offer your employees ongoing support; such as lunch and learn opportunities focusing on a variety of subjects from from Mindful Eating to Pain Management. These 50 minute sessions also provide ongoing peer support, answers to questions about practising mindfulness, and continue strengthen the new neural pathways developed through meditation by encouraging continued practice.



For Your Unique Needs

Let Elaine create custom recordings of specified lengths and on topics tailored to and available for your organization. Practices are professionally voiced and recorded with topics focusing on the particular needs of each group, using the typical workday setting to create practices that are directly connected to the type of workplace challenges that your employees may encounter daily.



Mindful Way Through the Creative Process

Do you have a brilliant idea but you can’t seem to get started? This workshop offers a simple, fun process that will help you accomplish your goal. Bring your big idea or challenging project and develop mindful skills to help you use negative thinking, fear, doubt and even revulsion as springboards for anything you want to create.

These 10 steps are so practical, precise, and easy to ACT on. The fun and energetic way in which Elaine teaches struck the perfect chord for where I was stuck. I will be recommending this workshop to anyone I know who wants to start and complete any project, of any sort!
— Sarah James, Senior Producer, Amazing Race Canada on Mindful Way through the Creative Process

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Elaine is a wonderful session leader. She was engaging and witty, insightful and encouraging. She was very considerate of our requests and tailored her presentation to our team – it was refreshing to see this type of customization and care put into the planning. Our team was able to relate to her teaching and took away learnings specific to their needs. Our partners strongly encourage our team members to take care of their mental well-being, and Elaine was able to provide a new perspective and techniques to do so.
— Janna Petersen, Strategic Communications Advisor, Richter LLP