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Mindful Way Through the Creative Process

This practical, hands on course will guide you through a 10-step process that utilizes a mindful approach to help you get anything done! Have you ever tried to start a project, write a speech, change direction in your life, or begin anything at all but ended up feeling helpless and paralyzed with no clue how to make it happen? Mindful Way Through the Creative Process shows you a method to break every element of your endeavour down into manageable, bite-sized pieces that include making a mess, facing your terror and creating a simple, attainable structure to help you accomplish your goal. You’ll even have time and space to develop your idea and present it to the group! Show up with your idea or come and be inspired.

What You'll Learn
• Applied mindfulness practices that you can utilize when you feel stuck, burnt out, helpless, hopeless or simply don’t want to continue.
•Gain a practical skill set that will make all project development so much easier!.
•Recognize and make friends with the emotional, mental and practical obstacles keep you feeling like you can’t get it done


These 10 steps are so practical, precise, and easy to ACT on. The fun and energetic way in which Elaine teaches struck the perfect chord for where I was stuck. I will be recommending this workshop to anyone I know who wants to start and complete any project, of any sort!
— Sarah James, Senior Producer, Amazing Race Canada

Mindfulness for Beginners

Elaine offers Mindfulness for Beginners workshops at the Centre for Mindfulness Studies.


Online Study

  • Visit eMindful to sign up for workshops offered by Elaine.



Mindful Presents  
Get Started  
with Mindfulness  
with Elaine Smookler

You've heard about mindfulness, but have you ever wondered what it is, exactly? In our new course "Mindful Presents: Get Started with Mindfulness," Elaine Smookler will teach you what mindfulness is, what its practical benefits are, and how you can use mindfulness to have a more open and engaging experience with life.